The camping:

We have chosen to organize the pricing in the form of a daily fee, we believe that its simpler and more community based. 

Price for the camping regarding a night (stay taxes included):

Fee for campers and trailers All included:

Pitch with electricity: 7€ (max 6 pers)

Adult (including access for hot shower): 6€

For each children between 7 and 18 years old : 4,50 €

Children from 3 to 7years old: 3€ (free for little under 3)

Animals (medical records up to date) : 1,50 €

Shower only or fill up the water tank: 2,50€

Fee for someone with a tent with no vehicule exept bikes: 

All included for one person : 12.00 €

For two people: 17€

Prices for arranged tents and trailers:

Available : a bed, a duvet, pillows, everything just like home

For two (sheets included) : 6O€ for the first night

55€ for the second night

50€ per extra night.

350€ per week(7 nights) & 10%OFF OVER 14 NIGHTS

Extra person : 15€ THE FIRST NIGHT with the bed sheets

Cleaning: 30€