Homemade waffles, tea or cappuccinos … 

Our products are for the majority locally produce and/or biobased (organic).

Our locals suppliers:

• Les moulins Roupsard for the flour

• Les baguettes traditionnelles  Régnéville bakery

• Jams are produce in TourvilleI

Ice cream :
have chosen a machine that is entirely manufactured in France (Auvergne) which uses only an organic gas. 


The breakfast can be served in the shelter or outside the terrace of our coffee shop. We are happy to provide you with a usual size breakfast or  a more complete one with extra “Paint au chocolat”…

The “Apéro” :

We would be happy, for the times you want to lay low during your day, to provide you with different local drinks, such as bottles of wine, a cider from Grimouville, beers form Quibou and more … And if you crave for a little snack during the day( cheese, tuna (lemon or ginger flavoured) or even “rillette” will be available).